Our main services are comprised of three categories, namely, project management, design, and construction.By looking at one project from multiple angles from each standpoint, we improve the quality of the project itself and we offer full proof and rational services that can meet extensive and diverse requirements of our clients.


Every project is always looked after by a project manager in order to execute the project in a more rational manner. On behalf of the client, the project manager will overall the entire project and handle the entire range of activities from designing of space to budget management of the construction work and tracking of overall schedule until opening. Project manager’s presence helps in smooth execution of the project without any wasteful budget, which results in the reduction of client’s effort, time, and cost.


It is designer’s work to find out the client’s identity without making any compromise and then sublimate this into space design.
In addition to creative sense, our designers have a wealth of legal knowledge and strong cost consciousness and they create very detailed and careful designs according to the client’s budget.
We can support renovation of various property such as retail stores, restaurants, offices, and small houses.


Construction manager (construction supervisor) will participate in the project and he will be on the top of the situation at all times including construction details, budget, and schedule. This will ensure that the project is foolproof and robust, and it will also be easy to respond to unforeseen circumstances.
Efficient setup and skillful staff members will contribute to making a better space.


For presenting uniformly and comfortable service to the client,
we have many partner companies domestically and internationally.

More than 50 partners

All of our partner companies have been cleared our contractor standard, and they are certificated in own countries.

More than 10 factories

There are several sizes, large and small and they are all certificated in own countries. We prepare one depending on the scale of the project.